Virtual Reality Leadership Lab – Launch

South Africa – Johannesburg – 17 October 2019 – Launch of the Virtual Reality Leadership Lab which regarded as the 1st of its kind in SA, it is seen as the bridge between team potential and team performance.

At the 2019 SingularityU South Africa event we were part of TeamVR, working with The Networking Company to launch a new multiplayer VR training simulator. We consulted and helped build the hardware required as well as on the ground for the launch days. This system allows multiple players to go into VR and test their skills in team-working, working under pressure, taking in new details, following instructions etc. This data can then be seen and used by a moderator who can then use it to teach or correct the participant. This is extremely useful for team building, finding team weaknesses or strengths and recruitment.
Corporate VR training in here to stay and we are grateful for having been part of putting this exciting system together.

Showcasing the simulator at the event was a big success and we had to have a cueing system in place to keep up with the demand.

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Multiplayer VR hardware, Technical at Singularity and Launch events