Close Encounters

“Have you ever dreamed of looking a lion, elephant or rhino in the eye? With VR nature documentaries, this dream can now become a reality. It’s often impossible to encounter these animals up close in the wild without endangering yourself or the animal’s life. But now, ‘Close Encounters’ allows you to experience these awe-inspiring animals from the comfort of your own living room.

“Experience the thrill of wild Africa like never before with ‘Close Encounters,’ a series of 360º cinematic VR episodes that take you on an immersive journey with some of the continent’s most majestic animals. From lions and elephants to rhinos, each episode offers a close-up encounter with a different species and provides an opportunity to learn about their lives and habitats.

The creators of the series hope to reconnect viewers with nature and wildlife through the use of VR technology. Standing that close to a wild animal in real life would be dangerous, but with VR, we can have a sense of being that close without any risk. The VR technology used in this series allows for a larger than life experience, something more than a virtual reality.

Throughout the episodes, viewers will be guided by park ranger Shane, who takes them on a search for the animals. Shane is a friendly and knowledgeable guide who has a good sense of finding animals out in the bush. An articulate, warm voice-over adds to the overall storytelling experience.

The overarching goal of the project is to bridge the gap between mankind and nature, as the creators believe that there has been a general loss in the connection between the two. By giving the audience close wildlife encounters in virtual reality, the hope is that people will start to care more about the welfare of these wild animals and their habitats that need protecting.

To experience this one-of-a-kind VR Episode series, go onto VeeR’s platform on your VR Headset, under their premium section and see for yourself what we have managed to capture. Get ready to be transported to the wilds of Africa and have an experience you’ll never forget. ”



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