Bearing Man Group

BMG marked the official opening of its R400m upgraded BMG World distribution and engineering facility in Johannesburg by hosting a two-day expo in September for suppliers, customers, the press and staff. Technical solutions provider BMG, which is part of Invicta Holdings, has officially launched its BMG World site, in Johannesburg, which is the culmination of a consolidation and supply chain re-engineering strategy that began nearly ten years ago.

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Our Role

As part of BMGS launch of their new state of the art facility in Johannesburg they needed a VR 360º company to create an equally awe inspiring way to immerse attendees into what exactly went in to this 360° engineering solutions machine, Physical tours were not an option due to the complexity of the machinery & the sheer volume expected through the doors.
Our solution,
to produce a 360° Virtual Tour showcasing BMG’s new facility in the most effective, efficient and immersive way possible.
Allowing the 3000+ patrons to journey not only through the facility, but at parts through the machinery itself, in a way that a physical tour could not compete with, not only on the quality and value of the tour, but the volume of patrons serviceable.

How we did it

Using an assortment of 360 Camera Rigs, from 3D printed small GoPro rigs to the latest VR 360 Cameras at the time from Insta360, Along with over 600 metres of Cable Dollies, and a fully capable multi-rotor 360° Drone, we created this tour.

Using motion Graphics we illustrated key stats, giving the tour an AR feel accompanied by a spatial audio track and voice over by Managing Director Gavin Pelser, combined with 3D animation sections created to “embody” the fluid moving through these impressive systems, A 24hr time-lapse over a bustling warehouse , showing the scale and volume at which BMG operate, A completely VR timeline that immersed attendees into the rich history of BMG and closed off with a cinematic 360 aerial shot  of the factory set against the Johannesburg skyline at sunset.

We then set up & facilitated a 50 seater VR Cinema, the biggest in Southern Africa at the time, using Samsung Gear VR headsets paired with Samsung S8 mobile phones as the powering device, we then created our own mobile application that allowed us to trigger playback of the tour to all 50 VR headsets simultaneously using a wifi based web application to trigger playback and also allowed for valuable analytics and heatmap reports.

The final piece is a truly immersive journey through the BMG facility, history and story.

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