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The VR Advantage: How virtual reality is redefining soft skills training.

“Employers are facing a dilemma: Their workforce needs to learn new skills, upgrade existing capabilities or complete compliance training, but may not be able to do so in person given the current environment. Yet, training is especially important now, with employees so keen to gain skills, and it may become even more critical when workers start returning to a changed workplace. So how can employers deal with the challenge? ”


We, at VR Capture, create custom training content for VR, using 360º video, that teaches trainees by allowing them to experience the training subject matter rather than trying to learn it by heart in a classroom style environment. We put the trainee in the middle of the real-life situation and environment by using virtual reality and 360º technology.

Using experiential learning technology to train your agents and staff has proven benefits in many aspects including improved learner attention, greater information retention, critical thinking, and much-improved user enjoyment factor. Training in this way is also often referred to as V-learning.

We create interactive VR with immersive 360º video to allow the users to interact with the virtual environments. Take the powerful impact of a 360º video & add hot-spotting in the scenes. The user can now make choices during the experience thus changing its final outcomes. This data can then be used in many ways including the ability to integrate the results into with the clients current LMS systems.

For training and education, this is an incredibly powerful tool. There is a massive amount of research being done on the effectiveness of interactive VR for workplace training and education.

2020 study by PWC

PWC – How virtual reality is redefining soft skills training