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Close Encounters – Launched on

Our latest wildlife vr experience has been released internationally on VeeR. Have you ever dreamed of looking a lion, elephant, or rhino in the eye? Roam around the heart of the South African bush and get closer than possible in real life.
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‘Close Encounters’ is a series of 360º cinematic VR experiences. The viewer has close-up immersive experiences with wild Africa animals and learns about them and their environment. Each episode features a specific animal species. The first three created are Lions, Elephants and Rhinos. The bigger hope behind the making of the series is to have people re-connect with nature and wildlife. The audience will feel ‘closer’ to wild animals than ever possible in a real life situation.

Standing that close to a wild animal would be an extremely dangerous thing to do but with VR we can have a sense of being that close without any risk.  By filming this way, right up next to the animal, we can have a larger than life experience, something more than a virtual “reality”.

The bigger idea behind the series is to get people to connect with nature and wildlife more. The creators believe that there has been a general loss in the connection between mankind and nature. If people aren’t being exposed to nature on a regular basis then they start to lose that connection. This series is an attempt at bridging the gap by giving the audience close wildlife encounters in virtual reality instead. Our hope for this project is simple. Let people experience these creatures from extremely close up, creating a connection between them. This should lead people to start caring more about these wild animals’ welfare and their habitats that need protecting. 

In the experience there is a park ranger featured, Shane. He takes the viewer around the park in search of the animals for those close encounters. He is a friendly and knowledgeable guide and has a good sense of finding animals out in the bush. The overarching story is told by an articulate warm narrated voice over.

This project was all filmed on location in South Africa at ‘Manyoni Private Game Reserve’, with truly wild animals.

Have you ever dreamed of looking a lion, elephant or rhino in the eye?It’s often impossible to encounter these animals up close in the wild without endangering your or the animal’s life. But now, VR nature documentaries are bringing awe-inspiring animals within the reach of anyone with a VR headset. Viewers can now see these animals up close in their natural habitat without ever leaving their living room. This docuseries lets audiences stand alone and eye to eye with some of Africas most dangerous animals, Elephants, Lions and Rhinos. We choose to use Insta360 cameras for the project including their new flagship camera, the Insta360 Titan.Go onto VeeR’s platform on your VR Headset, under their premium section and see for yourself what we have managed to capture. This is a one-of-a-kind VR docuseries.